Abelina Pro – New Release!


So exciting news!


We are tremendously happy to present and finally announce the release of our new typography: Abelina.


A project that began a few years ago during under completion of Specialization in Typography Design at University of Buenos Aires, tutored by Alejandro Paul and Ana Sanfelippo (infinite thanks!). Today it reborns to make way for «Abelina Pro» being part of the Sudtipos’ catalogue, through the solid work of Guillermo Vizzari working together with Ale Paul.


License Abelina Pro here


ST_ABELINA_PantallasMyFonts_YaniArabena_02ST_ABELINA_PantallasMyFonts_YaniArabena_10 ST_ABELINA_PantallasMyFonts_YaniArabena_04 ST_ABELINA_PantallasMyFonts_YaniArabena_09puestas_abelina_01-04 puestas_abelina_01-01