Guillermo Vizzari

Guillermo Vizzari is a Graphic Designer graduated in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires. In 2012 he obtained a degree as Typographer in the Typographic Design Career at the same university.

He studied art and drawing for six years at Adriana Tosco’s atelier, leading him right to the illustration field.

Since the year 2005 he teaches Tipography at the University of Buenos Aires. There he met Yanina Arabena, with whom he began to develop a personal project combining lettering, illustration and calligraphy, this being the first step that led them to work together.

This interest in letters continued his education through the study of calligraphy, with great professors like Silvia Cordero Vega, María Eugenia Roballos and Betina Naab, as well as with the calligraphy master Christopher Haanes.

His introduction to the typographic discipline began with an experimental project called «Beautiful Pixel», which was later selected to participate in the «Bienal Letras Latinas», 2006 edition. His work was then driven by colleagues as Daniel Hernandez from Latinotype type foundry (Chile) —with whom he published his first professional typographic project, Ragazza Script—; and Alejandro Paul, Sudtipos (Argentina) who conducted Esmeralda Pro —project born as completion of the Typographic Design Career, which Type Designers Ale Paul and Ana Sanfelippo were tutors. Proudly, «Esmeralda Pro» is currently part of the Sudtipos Catalogue, and awarded by «Tipos Latinos», 2014 edition.

He has also worked as Art Director and Type Designer at Pogo Creative Co. —design boutique placed in Buenos Aires— all through 2010 to 2013. As part of the team, he specialised in brand design, illustration, lettering, and font development.

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— Ph by Daniel Bericua —

 After a few years of sporadically working on this project, finally it's out!! «Envelove» is the new font calligraphed by @yaniarabena and designed by her and our great friend @alepaul with a little of my help. Proud to see how this particular face works building phrases full of personality and rhythm. And sooo happy to have shared this project again with our talented friend @eumiel who took this to a whole new level by illustrating these cheerful music performers that match so perfectly the mood of Yani's letters... I'm still amazed! ❤ (See the link in the bio to get «Envelove») — Luego de unos cuantos años trabajando interrumpidamente en este proyecto finalmente salió a la luz! «Envelove» es la nueva familia tipográfica caligrafiada por @yaniarabena y diseñada por ella junto al gran @alepaul con algo de mi ayuda. Orgulloso de ver cómo esta fuente tan particular da vida a frases llenas de personalidad y ritmo. Y muuuuuy feliz también de haber compartido este proyecto con nuestra talentosa amiga @eumiel que con sus personajes llenos de alegría, vida y movimiento logró que se forme una sinergia entre ellos y las letras que todavía me sorprende y disfruto de ver! ❤ (Link en la bio para aquellos interesados en licenciar «Envelove»)  Keep moving, never settle! For/para @allsaintscafe
 Así son mis días ahora, en los que El Jefe supervisa muy de cerca mis trabajos. — This is how days happen to be now, having The Boss supervising all my works pretty close from behind.