Yanina Arabena

Yanina Arabena is a Graphic Designer graduated at «Universidad de Palermo», in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2012 she graduated of the Typographic Design Career at University of Buenos Aires, with her typographic project called «Abelina», tutored by typographers Alejandro Paul and Ana Sanfelippo.

Yani has always admired calligraphy and it was how a few years from now she met Silvia Cordero Vega (Graphic Designer and Calligrapher), who have initiated her in the calligraphic path as her student and teaching assistant at Silvia’s courses for some years. That experience transformed her admiration for letters into a kind of passion that constantly grows every day. Throughout her learning in calligraphy she also took classes with John Stevens (USA), Christopher Haanes (Norway), María Eugenia Roballos y Betina Naab (Argentina).

She worked for several studios in Argentina as a Graphic Designer, while she also began to apply calligraphy to her design projects.

She began to teach typography in 2007, at Universidad de Buenos Aires. There Yani met Guillermo Vizzari –Typographer and Graphic Designer– with whom she started to weld design, illustration and calligraphy. Since then they share their life, developing projects together and doing what they like most.

Contact Yani at yani@yaniguille.com

— Ph by Daniel Bericua

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