We both knew that we were going to be graphic designers when we were in high school, even though we didn’t know each other yet! We both graduated from college and we started to develop our likes in calligraphy and lettering almost at the same time. Whereas Yani loved calligraphy and handwriting, Guille had already have illustration classes for six years, so he loved drawing. And he loved calligraphy as well, so drawing letters was kind of a consequence. When we met, teaching typography at the University of Buenos Aires, we started a personal project: A book that would have illustration combined with calligraphy. And that was our first step working together. It started a race that did not end yet and is not going to either. Work, love and life. We go together.

If you’d like to get in touch or you are interested in working with us you can write us at hola@yaniguille.com

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 ✏️A tribute to the craft. Just a @prismacolor carmine red pencil, @rotringofficial ink and a @moleskine_world notebook was involved in the making of «Proprietor» our latest font release with @sudtipos / See link in bio to get Proprietor 50% OFF for a ltd. time. — ✏️Un tributo al oficio. Sólo un lápiz Prismacolor Carmine Red, Rotrings y un cuaderno Moleskine se utilizaron para hacer «Proprietor», nuestra última fuente tipográfica realizada junto a @sudtipos / Link en bio para licenciarla!

#yaniguille #goodtype #sudtipos #proprietor #handmade #craft #craftsmanship #typespire #typography #lettering #prismacolor #moleskine #icons #rotring  Hello Monday! ❤️✏️☕️Starting the week with a good cup of coffee and introducing our new type "Proprietor" — Link in bio to get the font. Find it at @Sudtipos #typography #yaniguille #sudtipos #fonts #goodtype #lettering #handlettering #dailytype #handmade #crafts #graphicdesign #handmadetype #handmadefont #coffee #latte #coffeelovers
 En este gran universo del trabajo manual, en donde la destreza y el conocimiento de oficio hacen la diferencia, es en donde habita «Proprietor», y la razón de su existencia. Para celebrar el lanzamiento de esta nueva tipografía creada junto a @sudtipos, diseñamos una serie de postales de edición limitada. Esta vez contamos con la participación y colaboración especial de Sergio Rodriguez, que desde la ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina y con su proyecto @tintanegraletterpress, llevó a cabo la impresión de estas piezas. ¡Muchas gracias Sergio!, sin dudas esto es sólo el comienzo, estén atentos a lo que vendrá. ¿Te interesaría adquirir alguna de estas postales?  Escribinos a hola@yaniguille.com Para licenciar«Proprietor» link en bio — Within this wide trades universe where craftsmanship makes the huge difference, is where «Proprietor» lives, and it’s the reason why it exists. To celebrate the release of this new type family we created along with @sudtipos, we designed a series of limited edition postcards. This time we had the opportunity to count on the collaboration of Sergio Rodriguez from Córdoba city in Argentina, who committed with his project @tintanegra Letterpress to print these beautiful pieces. That you so so much Sergio!, No doubt this is only the beginning, stay tuned for what’s coming! Wouldn’t you loooove to get these awesome letterpress printed postcards?  Contact us at hola@yaniguille.com Link in bio to get "Proprietor" #typography #yaniguille #sudtipos #fonts #goodtype #lettering #handlettering #dailytype #handmade #crafts #graphicdesign #handmadetype #handmadefont #ink #letterpress #type