We both knew that we were going to be graphic designers when we were in high school, even though we didn’t know each other yet! We both graduated from college and we started to develop our likes in calligraphy and lettering almost at the same time. Whereas Yani loved calligraphy and handwriting, Guille had already have illustration classes for six years, so he loved drawing. And he loved calligraphy as well, so drawing letters was kind of a consequence. When we met, teaching typography at the University of Buenos Aires, we started a personal project: A book that would have illustration combined with calligraphy. And that was our first step working together. It started a race that did not end yet and is not going to either.

Work, love and life. We go together.

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— Ph by Daniel Bericua

 ✏️Un pequeño detalle de proyecto hecho a mano y para el bolsillo del caballero @berlingenuino #wip #ilustration #lettering #berlin #salonberlin  El correo nos trajo el nuevo libro de Alex Fowkes, #ExpressiveType. Muchas gracias Alex por invitarnos a contribuir con una selección de nuestro trabajo, es un honor ser parte de esta edición rodeados de talentosos referentes alrededor del mundo. – The mail brought us Alex Fowkes' brand new book, #ExpressiveType Thank you so much @alexjfowkes for in inviting us to contribute with a selection of our work. It's an honor to be part of it among all these talented professionals from all round the world.
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