We both knew that we were going to be graphic designers when we were in high school, even though we didn’t know each other yet! We both graduated from college and we started to develop our likes in calligraphy and lettering almost at the same time. Whereas Yani loved calligraphy and handwriting, Guille had already have illustration classes for six years, so he loved drawing. And he loved calligraphy as well, so drawing letters was kind of a consequence. When we met, teaching typography at the University of Buenos Aires, we started a personal project: A book that would have illustration combined with calligraphy. And that was our first step working together. It started a race that did not end yet and is not going to either. Work, love and life. We go together.

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— Ph by Daniel Bericua

 Ayer finalizó la primera edición de #LetraInicial en @primitive.ink. Una nueva e inolvidable experiencia que no podría haber sido posible sin la confianza y buena energía de todos los asistentes. Gracias @primitive.ink y a todo su equipo por abrirnos las puertas de su imprenta y hacernos sentir a todos como en casa. — Yesterday ended the very first edition of #LetraInicial at @primitive.ink. A brand new and unforgettable experience that couldn’t have been possible without the trust and positive energy of everyone that took part. Thanks to all the team at @primitive.ink for opening your printing house to all and made us feel at home. ✏️ #yaniguille #workshop #primitiveink #wekeepitalive #lettercaps #letterpress  ✏️Antes y Después. En nuestros comienzos como Yani&Guille (2013) fuimos convocados por la agencia VAG (Bs As) para desarrollar el rediseño de la marca Twistos –de nuestros primeros proyectos como estudio–. Llegamos a diferentes propuestas, desde un logotipo cercano a su marca original hasta algo totalmente nuevo. Y el proyecto en ese entonces ahí termino, en una búsqueda. CUATRO AÑOS DESPUÉS, la agencia nos vuelve a contactar para contarnos que estaban por salir al mercado los nuevos packs que diseñaron, implementando uno de los logotipos que habíamos desarrollado en ese entonces. Una sorpresa, sí, porque el proceso fue bueno y a pesar de los años esa propuesta seguía vigente, y porque la agencia nos contacto para darles el visto bueno antes de que la veamos en el supermercado (una actitud valorable en los tiempos que corren). Si ese proyecto volviera hoy de cero a nuestras manos, tal vez otro hubiese sido el resultado. Sin embargo creemos que lo importante es confiar en el proceso y ser pacientes. Con ganas y convicción, todo llega. – Before and after. In our beginnings as Yani&Guille (2013) we were reached by VAG Agency in Bs As to redesign the logotype of Twistos (a well known snacks brand here in Argentina) –this was of our very firsts projects as a studio–. We came up with a few options, from one very similar to what they already had to something completely different. And the project ended up in that stage, just some exploration. FOUR YEARS LATER, the agency called us again to tell us that a completely redesigned packaging lineup was coming out to the market, including one of the logos that we designed in that exploration stage. It was a completely surprise for us, as the design process was really good and despite the years that design was still looking sharp, and also because the agency contacted us to give them our approval of that use before seeing the new packs in the streets (a very honorable act in times like these). If that project came to our hands today from zero, the result may have been something different. However we believe what’s really important is to trust our process and most of all be patient. With conviction and desire, everything comes.
 En pocos días @tiposlatinos_ar llega a Buenos Aires, y en su 8va edición brindaremos una charla: ✏️Tipografía hecha a mano «Proprietor» y «Envelove», dos proyectos que nacen de la tinta y el papel, con ojos tipográficos. — Día y horario: Sábado 13 de octubre, 18:30h* — ¿Dónde?: @elculturalsanmartin - Sarmiento 1551 ( *Las charlas son con entrada libre y GRATUITA, en el CCGSM, hasta llenar sala… pero no está de más inscribirse) • Más info en @tiposlatinos_ar, no se pierdan el resto del cronograma de charlas y talleres ✨✍