Creative Mornings Buenos Aires —INK


We’ve been invited by Creative Mornings Buenos Aires to speak about INK, the global theme of March 2015, selected by Creative Mornings / Melbourne.

We deeply thank all the team at Pulmón for the invitation and for giving us the chance to be part of this and support CreativeMornings/Buenos Aires to help it become reality in this city so we could all enjoy it. And to all the people that went to hear our talk, who woke up really early to join us that morning, thanks to all of you!

To see the complete video of the talk, click here.

PH by Daniel Bericua

CreativeMorningsBUE_INK_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_02 CreativeMorningsBUE_INK_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_03 CreativeMorningsBUE_INK_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_04 CreativeMorningsBUE_INK_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_05