LAD FEST 2015 –Conference + Workshop / Review of our visit at Lima, Perú


After being invited to speak and give our workshop «Pluma & Lápiz» in February 2015 at the 1st Latin-American design Festival that was being held in Lima, Peru for the first time, we must say it was an even-more-incredible-than-we-thought experience!

Our professional evolution has been always supported by giving great importance to our constant learning, influenced by experiences and people with the same or with different worries. Aligned to this, LAD Fest succeeded in creating an enormous space for exchange and education. A contagious spot of passion and affairs for different disciplines. And for us it meant much more than that. LAD allowed us to share our history and our worship for what we professionally do, planting a seed in lots of people. That minuscule germ that we are sure will soon grow.


In it’s first edition the Latin American Design Fest surprised everyone by its magnitude, concurrence and quality. From Buenos Aires we are anxious to see how will they be able to set an even higher bar next year and take the LAD Fest far beyond in 2016, they’ll find it difficult!

We shared the festival with incredible people from the international design scene –like Jessica Walsh, Henry Hargreaves, Felix Pfäffli, Oliver Siegenthaler, and Anagrama— as well as great local figures from Peru —like Alfonso from Brand Lab, the illustrator Amadeo González, and Gianmarco Magnani—, adding to the super-fun amazing photographers Ian Tong, Jimmy Pham and Michael Weber.


We can’t forget to thank Richars Meza and Michael Fromm, the minds behind the beast, for letting us be part of this, and to all the wonderful team behind them that received us with so much love and generosity.

Watch out for their next editions!
We’re pretty sure they’re going to be unbelievable.


LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_05 LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_12 LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_07LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_10LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_11

LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_13 LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_16 LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_15 LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_14LADFEST_2015_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_04