«Letras Vivas» –Exhibition at ICBC Foundation


On April 10th, 2015, at the ICBC Foundation we opened our exhibition called «Letras Vivas» (Living letters). An exposition curated by Victoria Tolomei and that we had the honour to share with Elliot Túpac (from Peru), Panco Sassano, and Mati Schmidt from Serial Imprenta in charge of printing all the works for the show.

“In each of its forms, «lettering» is an act of design that oscillates between calligraphy and typography, reaching its most distinctive hallmark through manual or digital drawing” —explains Silvia Cordero Vega, a well known icon in the calligraphic international scene.

“Those people that enjoy drawing letters, understanding each of its curves and getting to know every little detail, find pleasure just in that going by when drawing” —tells Laura Varsky thinking of «Letras Vivas».

LETRASVIVAS_news_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_02 LETRASVIVAS_news_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_03 LETRASVIVAS_news_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_04 LETRASVIVAS_news_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_05 LETRASVIVAS_news_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_06 LETRASVIVAS_news_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_07 LETRASVIVAS_news_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_08