Pluma & Lápiz –Conference + Workshop / Review of our visit at Quito, Ecuador


The weekend of 20th and 21st of June, 2015, we had the pleasure of visiting the city of Quito, Ecuador, dictating our workshop «Pluma & Lápiz» and giving a lecture at the University of San Francisco in that city.

An immense experience organised by the team of Tres & Dos, who made this possible and turned our stay into an unforgettable experience. We also thank the guys at We Make it Wonder for catching every moment in stills and amazing footage and making it all unique, the University of San Francisco for offering their place to host our lecture and for receiving all the people that went there as well. And special thanks to the students that took the workshop, that worked non-stop all over the weekend and that once more, as in each experience with this workshop we give, surprised us tremendously with their production and eager to learn. We hope to see you all again soon!


PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_01PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_02 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_03 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_04 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_06 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_07 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_08 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_09 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_10 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_11 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_12 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_13 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_14 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_15 PlumaLapiz_Quito_Yanina-Arabena-Guillermo-Vizzari_16