NIB & PENCIL / New Workshop!


«Nib & Pencil» (“Pluma & Lápiz”), is a workshop that offers the approach to lettering as a result of an intimate calligraphic/ typographic relationship.


Varied calligraphic tool types are experimented, based on structures that go from calligraphic to the typographic field. Expressive possibilities will be analysed to embrace ideas and concepts, that will serve as a solid base for lettering, in order to go from calligraphy to letter drawing into a final composition.


After a thrilling weekend –and full of satisfaction– at Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires (ARG.), here we share some images of our very first edition of 2014 at Estudio Creativo Wonnë.


If you are interested in taking our workshop to your town do not hesitate to contact us at


Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_01 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_02 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_03 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_04 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_05 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_06 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_07 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_08 Y&G_PLUMA&LAPIZ_YaninaArabena_GuillermoVizzari_09